Can anybody help me with these errors so I can get back to work?!

Here I am minding my own business writing an article for my new blog (this one!) and I start getting errors on my computer. Normally it’s not a big deal and I just chalk it up to thinking it’s a random popup or something – who doesn’t get those now and then? However, when it didn’t go away right away after I clicked it a few times, I began to worry a bit and think it was something a little more serious.

What was happening is an alert about my Windows using too much memory, specifically with the dwm.exe file. From what I found, this is also the Desktop Window Manager. What that means is that it is responsible for managing the various windows on your computer and show (or fail to show) what you want to see. Since it’s part of the startup process, if your computer is filled with junk or large files, specifically on your desktop, this can cause crazy errors on your computer – like I was getting!

How I fixed my dwm.exe errors

First of all, I wanted to make sure I knew what was going on so I had to do a bit of research on the error itself. Naturally, I started looking for some videos. Here’s what I found and it’s pretty helpful:

After that, I did some additional searching to see if I could quickly and easily remove the dwm process error on my computer. What I found was actually promising and effective.

The first thing I read was to make sure my desktop was cleaned up from a bunch of garbage files, videos, and other large documents. After doing that, it seemed to improve a bit. When I was still getting the errors, I was a bit concerned.

The other issue I read about was the possibility of the file itself (dwm file) being corrupted or containing a virus. From the scans I ran and after having someone else look at it, it looked like the file itself was safe from any viruses or malware – great news!

My next step was a bit more research to see if there were other scans or steps I could take to completely remove the dwm.exe virus. I found a super helpful site that had information about this file and a lot of others that may be causing similar errors as well. Following the steps on the site have helped a lot of people, so I figured why not give a whirl myself too. The other issue some people were having with this file, which I was not, luckily, was the “dwm.exe has stopped working” message. I am not using the most brand new version of Microsoft Windows so that may be why that specific issue isn’t happening for me.

Anyways, after following all the best steps and scans, I was able to finally fix my errors and not have them any more! It’s great to be able to work again and write on my blog to tell all of you about my life and family.

Also, if you are having issues updating your computer for any reason, you need to check to see if you have a wuauclt.exe virus or error. This is a common problem I read about as well.